Today's updated date is Friday, August 20, 2016.

Play Free Games When Traveling

We all know that traveling to New York and Las Vegas can take a long time, and sometimes there is huge flight delay, so we have put up a page with free game links so you can play while waiting for the plane.

1. Last time I was traveling to Granville, I ended up 7 hours in the airport, luckily I had my mobile with me, so I could kill time by playing free slots games, you can find some of the new mobile casino slots at

2. Here is another one I like to play online games at, but be careful cause some of the games are adictive, and you might end up missing your flight like I did ones ;)

3. I am not a Chess fan myself, but if you are you can try  at this site you can play free online against other players from around the world.

4 My girlfriend always seems to end up playing Backgammon at, I have not tried it myself but must be a good site since she is always playing there.


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