Travel Guide from NY, NY to Las Vegas Nevada

Today's date is Friday, October 13, 2006.

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Although gambling is the number one reason that pushes anyone to go to Las Vegas, there is another reason. This reason is roller coaster rides as Las Vegas is home to the craziest roller coasters in the world. These rides are present in the Las Vegas Strip. In this street, thrill seekers can get to ride three of the speediest roller coaster rides that have terrifying angles and runs at scary speeds. This concentration of speedy and scary roller coasters is rarely found outside the gates of an amusement park, so for it to be available on that street is certainly one of the reasons that attracts people to come to Las Vegas.

As soon as travelers get out of their cabs at The New York Hotel & Casino, they will start to hear the loud screams of people on The Manhattan Express. This roller coaster ride comes from the casino and heads outside until it goes past the entrance of the hotel. This infernal ride is designed in order to simulate what the pilots experience when they are in their jet fighters. This ride costs fourteen bucks and it features the skyline of New York in the background. It is more than 203 feet high and drops over 144 feet at sixty-seven mph.

The second ride is called the Canyon Blaster and it can be found at Circus Circus, its maximum speed is fifty-five mph. As for the third ride, it can be found at the Stratosphere Hotel, it is called X-Scream.

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