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Today's date is Friday, October 13, 2006.

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Sin City is a city that is themed around being bad, whether it is drinking, partying or gambling. In the midst of all of that, a hotel is doing its best in order to provide health conscious customers with what they need. This hotel is none other than MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Last Friday, the casino opened forty-two “Stay Well” rooms that are designed in order to eliminate the effects caused by jet lag and to promote a healthy sleep experience for guests among other healthy features.

These rooms offer more than ten health oriented offerings. This includes shaded lighting (blue) in order to help counter the effects caused by jet lag; the shower water is infused with Vitamin C accompanied by a filtration system for water that helps in eliminating pathogens and different toxins. Although this will not make people view Vegas as a retreat for health rejuvenation, more guests will surely be looking forward for a healthy experience while being in the city. There have been a lot of green initiatives such as the creation of non smoking gambling sections in order to accommodate the needs of the health conscious guests.

January 23th, 08

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January 23th, 08

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The new Stay Well Rooms are going to be tested and examined in order to guarantee its quality and to detect any salutary or side effects

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The casino stated that it has worked for 4 years with researchers alongside doctors from the Medical School of the University of Colombia in order to develop and design this new concept. Many people are supporting this new initiative but others are skeptical as they believe that all what these rooms are offering are Placebo effects.